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Author: Craigadams (
Saturday, September 29, 2001 - 8:13 am
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On February 11, 1927 KWBS began operation on 1490kc. with the power of 10 watts. KWBS was owned by Schaeffer Radio Co. KWBS calls stood for William B. Schaeffer.(He also owned Schaeffer Radio Manufacturing Co.). Studio & transmitter were located at 226 S.E. 14th St. in Portland. KWBS played mostly phonograph recordings.

On March 1, 1927 KWBS raised power to 50 watts. On June 15, 1927 KWBS switched to 1500kc. KWBS call slogan: Know, Watch, Boost, Serve.

On May 7, 1928 studio & transmitter were moved to the Francis Motor Car Co. Building (405 S.E. Hawthorne Ave., corner of S.E. Grand Ave.). The studio was on the Mezzanine floor. Power was also increased to 100 watts on this date.

On August 28, 1929 KWBS became KVEP and licensee name changed to Schaeffer Broadcasting Co. KVEP call slogan: The Voice of East Portland.

In November 1929 after the Depression hit in late October, KVEP became unprofitable. Mr. Schaeffer then entered into a contract to transfer control of the station to Robert Gordon Duncan. KVEP was taken over for the purpose of airing Mr. Duncan's viewpoints and to turn a profit. Mr. Duncan known as "The Oregon Wildcat" reportedly kept a gun at his desk while broadcasting. He used profanity to underscore his attacks on Sears & Robuck and other chain stores, along with "Merrill-Lynch and the rest of the banking gang."

KVEP shared time on 1500kc with other area broadcasters including KUJ Longview(now Walla Walla). Mr. Duncan refused to honor the time division agreements. Letters flooded the Federal Radio Commission.

On May 29, 1930 the FRC denied KVEP's license renewal. On May 30, 1930 KVEP left the air. Mr. Duncan attempted to air KVEP under temporary authorization in June 1930, pending a final decision by the courts. In July 1930 KVEP's equipment was attached by creditors, ending any comeback. On September 15, 1930 KVEP's license was canceled. Mr. Duncan's courtroom plea unsuccessful.

On October 10, 1930 Robert Gordon Duncan was found guilty of violating the Radio Act of 1927. Several violations were specified, but "indecent and profane language" was the cited offense that sent Mr. Duncan to County Jail for 6 months, with a $500 fine. Mr. Duncan holds the distinction of being the first individual in U.S. History ever to be convicted and serve a Federal Sentence for public broadcast utterances.

Author: Semoochie (
Sunday, September 30, 2001 - 9:55 pm
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Is that the same Schaeffer who later made cart machines, among other things? Isn't Gordon the middle name of Bob Duncan? It sure sounds familiar.

Author: Tim_marsh
Thursday, August 07, 2008 - 2:35 pm
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This is not about "KVEP & The Oregon Wildcat," but it is about McMinnville's commercial AM radio station and its coverage of Linfield College Wildcat football.

For my blogsite, which is mainly about Linfield College football, I compiled the following list of those who were or are now commercial radio station play-by-play "voices" for Linfield Wildcat football. I'm posting only the names of play-by-play voices, not those who were color commentators during the broadcasts. And, this is a list only for McMinnville's 1260 AM commercial radio station (KMCM-KCYX-KLYC), not Linfield's student FM radio station KSLC, which also has carried Linfield football over the years. Here's the list, if you have corrections/updates, please contact me, Tim Marsh, are wildcatville@gmail.com. Thank you.

1956 Craig Singletary
1957 Craig Singletary
1958 Craig Singletary
1959 Craig Singletary
1960 Craig Singletary
1961 Craig Singletary
1962 Craig Singletary
1963 Craig Singletary
1964 Craig Singletary
1965 Craig Singletary

1966 Dick Bacon
1967 Dick Bacon
1968 Dick Bacon
1969 Dick Bacon

1970 Chuck McKeen
1971 Chuck McKeen
1972 Chuck McKeen

1973 Larry Ward
1974 Larry Ward
1975 Larry Ward
1976 Larry Ward
1977 Larry Ward

1978 Dave Hansen
1979 Dave Hansen
1980 Dave Hansen
1981 Dave Hansen
1982 Dave Hansen
1983 Dave Hansen
1984 Dave Hansen
1985 Dave Hansen
1986 Dave Hansen
1987 Dave Hansen
1988 Dave Hansen
1989 Dave Hansen
1990 Dave Hansen
1991 Dave Hansen
1992 Dave Hansen
1993 Dave Hansen

1994 Steve Lindsley

1995 Mark Marshall/Joe Dominey
1996 Mark Marshall/Joe Dominey
1997 Mark Marshall/Joe Dominey

1998 Marty Hough
1999 Marty Hough

2000 Darrell Aune
2001 Darrell Aune
2002 Darrell Aune
2003 Darrell Aune
2004 Darrell Aune
2005 Darrell Aune
2006 Darrell Aune
2007 Darrell Aune
2008 Darrell Aune

Author: Semoochie
Saturday, August 09, 2008 - 11:26 am
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That last one's a BIG name!

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