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Author: Missing_kskd
Friday, May 08, 2009 - 8:09 pm
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Well, the service didn't. I liked it actually. Audio quality was good, few dropped calls, and the voice mail to e-mail audio file was just great.

Canceling is another matter.

Basically, I couldn't! Tried a number of times. The only way to do it is to call, get past the script and cancel. There is only a 5 day or so window too, unless you want to pay for another months service, plus early termination on the way out.

My problem was simply not being able to contact anyone. It's like they've got one cancel line, and it's shared with the business fax, or something.

So, I changed the bank card, did the work and waited.

Got the call!

At first they were nice, but it took about 5 minutes to realize they were going to not cancel the account, and they wanted a card number to pay the balance!

There is NO other payment option.

And given what was occuring, I think it's safe to say there is no way I'm handing them a card number. They will just keep charging.

If you get stuck on one of these, and you know it's going to go bad, instead of surrendering, get them to do something, then hammer them for a while!

In my case, I managed to get a disconnect. It's not a cancel, but the charges stop and they will do some lame collections deal. That can be ignored.

Things to do to the poor call center schlub. Now, before you go off, realize I bypassed the basic schlub working the script. I asked for the bad ass supervisor. I know they can take it, and they have the job of taking it.

1. Get them to say some variation of [company] sucks. I got my guy to say, "I can understand how Vonage Sucks." His name is Anthony, and he knows Vonage sucks. Heh...

Work them on that for a while, until they lose it a little, then move on.

2. Ask them if they would surrender a card number, knowing what they know. In my case, this was pretty funny. I got some authoritative, "Sir, we will handle that with the best security." Note, that does not mean the best handling of the money, just that they promise to keep their link to your wallet secure so they can continue to exploit it.

When told that, Anthony got kind of pissed, and I worked back to "Vonage Sucks". He shut up.

3. Ask them where they are. Of course they won't tell, but it's fun anyway. Anthony says they were not located in the US, yet the account management team was right down the block, and he sounded Chicago.

4. Take a break, lean in verbally and build a bit of casual trust. Got kids? Married? Isn't this a lousy [day]? Man, how many of these calls do you get anyway? Sorry, but you do understand I'm just trying to close the deal hear. Don't have a lot of money? Me neither...

5. Go for the gold. After they start talking a bit, seriously ask them to consider leaving the job. It's a dead end. They sound like a nice person. You know times are tough, but still... how can you sleep at night man?

Do they give bonuses? What kind? "Employee of the month" parking space? For dealing with this crap? Good god! Pumping gas can pay almost as well, and there is none of this crap? I've got a headache, do you?

Get them to picture the cube a little, then roll it out. "Look around man!" Don't they look like losers? Seriously, I'm not gonna tell, but can you picture yourself working in this place for the next 5 to 10 years?

Just walk! Put down the phone, and leave the building. Nobody wants to do this stuff. Why do it?

In my case, he actually said he was seriously considering another job. The calls were rough.

--->Hey Anthony. If you google this, I mean it man! Bail or FAIL. Your choice. Leave while you still can.


Author: Andrew2
Friday, May 08, 2009 - 8:31 pm
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Wouldn't happen to me, because I never do auto withdrawal from my bank account with ANY company. Period. I've had more than one case in years past where it was very difficult to get the company to stop their auto withdrawals even AFTER supposedly canceling!

Auto payment with a credit card is different, because you can always dispute the charge. With a debit card it's harder because you have to get your money BACK because they've already got it.

If a company insists auto withdrawal is the only way they can charge you...time to find a different company.

Author: Mc74
Saturday, May 09, 2009 - 3:26 pm
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Microsoft is that way. I had my credit card used to renew my xbox live subscription and they made it harder then hell to cancell.

Author: Missing_kskd
Saturday, May 09, 2009 - 4:35 pm
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Normally I do the same thing; namely, avoid doing business that way.

Looks like I'll have to raise the bar for exceptions!

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