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TRN-FM Dropping "The Phil Hendrie Show"

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  1. Craig_Adams
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    This from All Access:

    ----------------------------------------Phil Hendrie Show To Leave TRN-FM----------------------------------------

    TALK RADIO NETWORK-FM is ending its syndication of THE PHIL HENDRIE SHOW as of JUNE 25th. HENDRIE has been syndicated by TRN-FM since 2007. He Was previously syndicated by PREMIERE NETWORKS.

    “I believed in PHIL then, and I still think he is a comic genius on-air. He will always be a radio icon to me,” said TRN CEO MARK MASTERS in a press release. “We are proud to have rebuilt the PHL HENDRIE SHOW by adding over 100 stations, along with creating robust growth to PHIL's online presence, but, due to world events, the economy, and the state of radio in this country, we have decided to go another direction in that daypart – we wish PHIL all the best in his future endeavors.”

    A spokesperson for the air personality released the following statement: "PHIL HENDRIE has elected not to pursue any further association with TALK RADIO NETWORK. As he delves deeper into his successful digital platform and ongoing television and film work, HENDRIE remains open to terrestrial radio opportunities, but only those with strong sales, marketing and programming support."

    "The Phil Hendrie Show" is heard locally on "FM News 101, KXL" weekday mornings at midnight.

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