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  1. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian


    1929 KXL 1250 KC left the air by order of the FRC. Accused of using "Excess Power" & interfering KFOX.
    1942 KXL 750kc moved studios from the "KXL Building" to the 5th floor of "The Orpheum Theatre" bldg.
    1952 KBKO 1290 became KLIQ aka "Click Radio." Portland's 1st to end block programming for all music.
    1952 Jyrl Burris became Portland's 1st "Female" Disk Jockey. Spinning Popular music on KLIQ mid-days.
    1953 Pioneer Broadcasters, Inc. sold KGW AM & FM to King Broadcasting Co. & associates for $500,000.
    1970 KPAM 1410 kHz & KPAM-FM 97.1 MHz affiliated with the "American Contemporary Radio Network"
    1973 McCoy Broadcasting Co. took control of KLIQ-FM & changing calls to KGON. ($400.000 on 10-1-73)
    1973 KGON 92.3 MHz., signed on air at 6:00 AM and began a Christmas music format for three months.
    1975 Earle O. Denham died at age 78 in Ptld. KOIN staff Tenor, 1929. Becoming a Technician until 1972
    1992 KMUZ-FM 94.7MHz Camas signed on the air with 3.7kw. Studios: "The Port Building" in Washougal.
    1995 BayCom Partners of San Francisco sold KUPL-1330 to Crawford Broadcasting Co. for $2,000,000.00
    1995 KUPL "Couple Country" changed its calls to KKPZ, switching to Religious: "The New 1330 K-Praise."
    2002 KXL-FM's old transmitter site on Healy Heights was sold to Gray Haertig. The bldg. is now a home
    2013 KMTT 910 Vancouver "Northwest Bands" KNRK-HD2 simulcast switched to "Sports 910" CBS Sports"
    2013 KZRI Welches, 90.3, Christian Alternative "Air1", switched to Spanish Christian "Radio Nueva Vida."

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  2. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian


    1928 KGW debuted "Scenes From Oregon's History." First radio series chronicling Oregon's pioneer days.
    1979 KYTE 970 presented "The Elvis Experiment" with psychic: Micki Dahne. 1st mass Coliseum seance.
    1981 KXL 750 kHz., became a charter affiliate of NBC Radio's new long form network called "Talknet."
    1983 "KQFM-100" Adult Contemporary, calls to KKRZ, switching to Light Adult Contemporay "The Rose"
    1998 Heck Harper died at age 79 in Oregon City. KGW Personality, 54-58. KVAN 55&57. KEX 47-48&53.
    2002 Bobby Simon died at age 65 in Centralia, WA. KISN Personality, 66-67. KEED Production Director.

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  3. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian


    1933 KOIN began moving some "Don Lee-Columbia Network" programs to its sister KALE to free up time
    1933 KALE 1300kc became a part time "Don Lee-Columbia Network" affiliate. (affiliated MBS: 9-26-37).
    1947 Chuck W. Myers died at age 66 in Portland. KOIN President, 1931-1946. KQP Sales Manager, 1926.
    1969 KLIQ AM/FM "The Talk of The Town" Talk format, switched to Town & Country as "Country Click."
    2002 Doug Wilson died at age 50 in Austin, TX. KKSN-FM Program Director, 1995-96. KLOU P.D., 90-94.

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  4. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian


    1949 KMCM began 1KW directional night operation w/ an additional tower added. 6:00am to 10:30pm.
    1986 Duffy Broadcasting Corp. of Portland sold KCNR 1410 kHz to Gothic Broadcasting Corp. for $1.00.
    1987 Portland City Council approved 92 KGON's plans to build a tower on Sentinel Hill (Healy Heights).
    2005 KRVO, Classic Hits "105-9, The River", switched its music format to "The New Smooth Jazz 105.9."

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  5. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian


    1914 US Customs Portland amateur telegraph stations may open provided no neutrality laws are broken
    1917 Sherm Washburn was born in Redlands Calif. KEX Newscaster, 1941-55. KLOR N.D. KOIN-TV, KIEM.
    1923 Eileen Brugman Peck was born in Portland, Oregon. KQFM 100.3 Promotions Manager, 1965-1969.
    1930 KXL 1420kc became an affiliate of UBC, carrying "The Silver Network" inaugural from Los Angeles.
    1967 KOAP-FM 91.5 began broadcasting Sundays. The station was on the air weekdays but off Saturday.
    1986 Delbert L. "Del" Olney died at age 66 in Wapato, WA. KXL Program Director, 1960-62. KVAN 58-59.

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  6. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian


    1911 Gerald E. "Jerry" Weist was born in Douglas, Nebraska. KISN 5% Owner & first Chief Engineer, 1959
    1928 KXL 1360 moved its studios & transmitter towers from the Bedell Building to The Multnomah Hotel
    1928 Rose Marie Scott was born in Mineola, N.Y. KGW Newscaster, 1965-1966. KGW-TV Anchor, 1966-72
    1976 KOAP-FM expanded Subsidiary Communications Authorization subcarrier channel hrs to weekends
    1986 Fairwest Enterprises sold KKCW to Trumper Communications for $7.5 Million (Jeffrey D. Trumper).

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  7. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian


    1890 Daniel H. "Dan" Quimby was born in Portland, OR. KOIN Dramatic Reader & Announcer, 1926-1927.
    1927 KFJR moved studio/transmitter from 2nd floor of Ashley Dixon's garage to The Lumbermen's Bldg.
    1927 KFJR 1060 K.C. began commercial status from a 3 room suite at 95 Fifth Ave. Suites: 620-621-622.
    1927 Paul Rask was born in Portland. KGW AM/FM Sports Director, 53-55. KPOJ AM/FM Talk Show Host.
    1961 KPOJ 1330kHz began playing hourly the 45rpm "Ballad of Portland" by Bill Simmons on KPOJ Label.
    1995 Mark Volman & Howard Kaylan of The Turtles, began hosting mornings, for a week on 97 KKSN-FM.
    2006 Ron Saito died at age 64 in Canby. KEX President & G.M., 00-05. KKRZ V.P. & G.M., 97-00. KKCW.
    2009 Dr. Demento, former KRRC General Mgr. inducted into the "Radio Hall of Fame" at "Chicago Hotel"
    2011 FCC warned Hillsboro resident Paul W. Winquist for operating an alleged 97.5MHz. pirate station.
    2013 KXPC 88.7 MHz., Sandy, Oregon, "Air1" format, switched call letters with KZRI 90.3 MHz, Welches.
    2013 KZRI 90.3 MHz., Welches, "Nueva Vida" format, switched call letters with KXPC 88.7 MHz., Sandy.

    Posted on November 7, 2014 - 01:01 AM #
  8. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian


    1909 Jay W. Wright was born in Utah. KGW AM/TV Director of Engineering and Planning, 1961 to 1964.
    1919 Walter N. "Wally" Nelskog was born in Everett, Washington. KYXI 1520 Vice-President, 1967-1968.
    1926 Lois V. Olsen was born in North Plains, Oregon. KFGR Forest Grove, Program Director, 1951-1952.
    1927 Samuel Newhouse, Jr. was born in N.Y. KOIN AM/FM Owner, 1954-77. KGW AM/FM Owner, 52-53.
    1956 Marshall Field III died at age 63 in New York City, New York. KOIN & KOIN-FM Owner, 1946 to 1952.
    1959 Christian Broadcasting Company sold KRWC Forest Grove to Triple G. Broadcasting Co. for $47,500
    1972 Michael Roberts, 22, a KYXI deejay, tragically committed suicide while on air in the early morning.
    1982 KLLB "Hot Hits And Cool Oldies" as "KB101." Switched format to Album Oriented Rock as "Rock 101"
    1986 Barney R. Miller died at age 75 in Los Angeles. KGW-KEX Program Director, 1937-41. KNX News Dir.
    1998 Kevin Reilly died at age 36 in Sunnyside, Ore. KGW Air Personality, 1983-88. KBPS 1978-79. KKCW.
    2005 KRVO changed its calls to KIJZ standing for: Jazz, for "Smooth Jazz 105.9." Continued this format.
    2011 1st Ave. studios (2040 SW 1st) were torn down. Former home of KYTE, KUFO, KBBT, KRCK, KLLB,...

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  9. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian


    1921 Bob Liddle was born in Esterville, Iowa. KEX Personality, 1959-61. KXL 1956-59. KIXI News Director.
    1925 KQP 248 meters (1208.8 kc) signed on the air with 500 watts from "The Portland Hotel." 1926 KOIN.
    1925 KFEC the Meier & Frank station on 248 meters (1208.8 kc) added share time station KQP with KFIF.
    1925 KFIF Benson Polytechnic School on 248 meters (1208.8kc) added share time station KQP with KFEC.
    1978 Ron Myron died at age 70 in Portland. KOIN host of "Ron Myron's Scrapbook", 1930-34. KEX 1935-36.
    1988 KRDR signed back on the air after 18 months with Soft Rock, Light Jazz and New Age "The Breeze."
    2009 James A. "Jim" Johnson died at age 67 in Lake Oswego. KGON/KFXX President/General Mgr. 92-95.
    2012 KPOJ "AM 620, Portland's Talk" Progressive format switched to "Fox Sports Radio 620" at 5:30 P.M.

    Posted on November 9, 2014 - 01:34 AM #