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The Singleton Place-KGW's Pioneering FM CE's Old Roost

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  1. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    This history was thrown together this morning using information I had collected over the years. A question had been raised about the old Singleton house on facebook. The person had rented the home years ago and had heard stories about the place, wanting to know if they were true and also wanted additional information to fill in holes.

    The old home at 4646 S.W. Council Crest Drive was built in 1950 by Harold C. Singleton, KGW AM/FM Chief Engineer. The legs in the basement that help to hold up the home, were salvaged from the old KGW (AM) tower that had toppled over during the Vanport flood of 1948.

    Singleton had chosen to build his new home across the street from where he worked, part of his time. At 4545 S.W. Council Crest Drive stood KGW-FM, the Northwests first FM station which signed on the air May 7, 1946 and was built by Singleton. KGW-FM began with its own format but in 1948 began simulcasting KGW (AM). During icey conditions and such, Singleton could just walk over a fix problems. Today KGW-FM is KKRZ (FM) but broadcasts from another location. The KGW-FM studio/transmitter site would later become the first KOAP-TV in 1961 and still later the second location for KOAP-FM in 1972.

    On June 18, 1968 KBOO (FM) began operation with its transmitter in Harold Singleton's garage with a 50 foot tower and antenna, in back of the home at 4646 S.W. Council Crest Drive.

    On July 27, 1974 Harold Singleton now retired, sold his home & property at 4646 S.W. Council Crest Drive to KXL AM/FM (Kaye/Smith Enterprises, of Seattle) for $98,000. His property was to become the new studio home of KXL AM/FM. The Stations had owned the adjacent property at 4636 S.W. Council Crest Drive since purchasing KGMG (FM) July 5, 1965 and turning it into KXL-FM.

    The City of Portland did not approve the KXL AM/FM studio move since the property was not zoned for business use. At this point the Singleton home became a rental with Kaye/Smith Enterprises as the landlord. In Fall 1974 KBOO moved it's transmitter & antenna from 4646 S.W. Council Crest Drive to the adjacent KXL-FM tower site at 4636 S.W. Council Crest Drive, which also broadcast theses additional stations: KWJJ-FM, KGON (FM), KKRZ (FM), KPDQ-FM.

    On November 1, 2002 the KXL AM/FM old Singleton home & property and adjacent former KXL-FM transmitter site were sold to Gray Frierson Haertig. Mr. Haertig remodeled the KXL-FM transmitter building into an apartment. The old KXL tower had been dismantled in October 2002. All FM stations had since migrated in the 1990's to the higher Stonehenge Tower at 4700 S.W. Council Crest Drive.

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  2. Dan Clark

    Photos are at

    Scroll down past the Stonehenge pictures.

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