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The Don Burden Story - KISN's Innovative Maverick Founder

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  1. Alfredo_T

    Perhaps, the only exception to his short-sightedness (from this and other history threads on this board) was that since the early 1960s, he was anticipating that Top-40 radio would one day migrate to FM. In one of the other threads, I recall that one of Burden's contemporaries thought he was nuts to suggest that FM would one day be offered as a standard feature in cars.

    Posted on August 11, 2014 - 04:25 PM #
  2. Erickson

    I guess I didn't realize the tower demolition was on maybe I'm the last to see it..but here it is:

    Since I was a little kid riding on my Mom's lap on the way home from Grandma's house in Wheaton, Illinois, I've loved radio towers. We'd drive past cornfields with the solitary 50 KW sticks of WBBM and WGN blinking silently in the sky, and I'd dream of someday, somehow...and to see KISN's elegant array laid low, one after another, like cattle rustlers being hanged in the old west, while onlookers whoop...well, that's hard to watch.

    But we all know we'll see a lot more of these beauties hit the ground.

    Posted on August 11, 2014 - 06:26 PM #
  3. RichJohnson

    More to come... strictly for greed, according to Tom Taylor's newsletter.

    Cumulus could gross $200 million from selling real estate. Oh – it bought a plane.

    We knew that Cumulus saw the ten acres near La Cienega and Jefferson Boulevard that hold the towers for talk KABC (790) as a potential windfall (November 15, 2013 NOW Newsletter). The L.A. Times suggested the land could fetch up to $90 million – but now Lew Dickey indicates that the sale of that land plus a chunk of ground outside of Washington D.C. together could “bring in as much as $200 million.” That’s the first time we’ve heard about the D.C.-market real estate. Sounds as if they’ll have a deal to announce soon for L.A., with perhaps a 2015 sale of the property back east around Washington. How would Cumulus replace the well-located transmitter site for KABC’s 480-foot and 278-foot sticks? Probably by finding an existing operator who’d let Cumulus diplex the KABC signal off their tower. Both KABC and sister classic rock KLOS (95.5) will need new studios. And about that new airplane – Lew casually mentions during the Q&A that they “bought a small corporate aircraft.” No numbers given on that. Though we do learn that Cumulus just sold its minority interest in the San Francisco Giants for $13 million. They netted $3.2 million, money which will help pay down debt. Same for the $200 million or so from the expected real estate sales.

    Posted on August 11, 2014 - 06:37 PM #