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Ken Lomax Has Died. Is This The Broadcaster?

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  • Started 5 years ago by Craig_Adams
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  1. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    In all the years I've been posting broadcaster obits, this one has confounded me. Is this Ken Lomax, broadcaster? There is no mention of radio in the obit. It says he was born in 1949 but Ken was already on the air at the time. Was this a typo for 1929 which would fit perfectly?

    Ken Lomax began his Radio career in 1947 at KUGN Eugene while attending the Univ. of Oregon. In 1950 he moved to KORE Eugene and in 1952 Ken began at KERG Eugene. For a short time he was at KRNR Roseburg.

    On October 12, 1955 it was announced Ken was voted Oregon's top deejay outside of Portland.

    On October 29 1956 Ken began at KPOJ taking over the "Magic In Music" program 12:30 to 3:00pm. On September 9, 1959 it was announced Ken Lomax had been appointed KISN Account Exec. On October 1, 1968 Ken was a newscaster at the launching of "Beautiful Music" KYXI. By 1972 Ken was a deejay at KYXI, on the air 9 to Noon.

    On December 28, 1973 it was announced Ken had joined "The Swing Four" playing nightly at "Jester's Club.' Lomax played electric bass and sang. The band played "Swing Jazz."


    Posted on September 7, 2014 - 09:16 AM #
  2. bossjock

    Craig -

    It looks like this obit may be for the son of the personality you profiled here - check out the link below.

    (Click on the link to the "manager" of that page and you'll see it's the younger Lomax's spouse.)

    From another site, I learned that the senior Lomax passed in '85 and is buried at Ocean View in Warrenton.

    Posted on September 7, 2014 - 11:36 AM #
  3. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    Yes Bossjock just got off the phone with the Lomax family and this was NOT the broadcaster Ken Lomax, who died in 1985 in Warrenton, OR. and was born October 2, 1924.

    The problem, I have not documented his father, the broadcaster, as passed. This is the first time I've learned of the broadcasters death almost 30 years ago. I was thinking he was still alive.

    Posted on September 7, 2014 - 01:16 PM #
  4. kennewickman

    Yep...I ran into Ken 'in person' while hanging out at KYXI with friends in the early 70s...when I saw craig's initial post this AM I 'knew'..that it wasnt the same 'ken"..couldnt have been...but I was tied up and couldnt post anything this morning. And I do remember when he passed, somebody from the Clacakamas radio ranch days told me about it.

    Posted on September 7, 2014 - 01:43 PM #
  5. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    To finish this, just found his death date as February 4, 1985. Ken died in Springfield but his grave is in Warrenton.

    Posted on September 8, 2014 - 01:16 AM #