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  1. missing_kskd

    This did spark some thought. Back when tests like that mattered more, I spiked my SAT nice. Somewhere in the Range Andy mentioned. I don't remember. Don't care now. The military test put me in some 5 percent bracket, but those clowns thought I would make a good front line guy too, so what do they know?

    Having had much less in the way of life experiences, still an early student of music, theater, people in general, I would wager my actual emotional IQ was solid, but my wisdom was sorely lacking.

    Today, I'm not sure my SAT would be as high, nor a general IQ test, but my wisdom is very seriously improved, school of hard knocks style. And I read people like open books too, where back then, I was a fumbler and bumbler socially.

    Some of my college education also included psychology --an attempt to improve in the latter regard.

    The rest?

    Do the work. Actually walk this world with good intent. Actually seek to know others, help them and cultivate the world one wants to live in.

    General failure to do the latter is very offesnive to me. If any of us wants consideration and respect, we must demonstrate it in like kind to others.

    To be perfectly frank, I don't see that happening here at all, and it's THE root problem. Jerry, you come here with all these needs from us, and you come here to defend your outlook on things as if there is some moral imperative for us to meet those needs, hear your shit, and give your opinions, gruntings and generally need utterances some measure of consideration without actually presenting a good case as to why.

    Personally, I HATE talking about how fucked up you are. I HATE not interacting with my friends more, all old ground, well told before, yet here you are, not a damn thing changed.

    You do not do the work. It is that simple, and this is not the Super Friends where we say how we are going to win the day, only to see the other guys respond, the whole thing silly.

    People just do it, and they don't talk about it and they don't need near constant affirmation about it all either.

    Think we are full of shit? Say it. If you arent heard, or get laughed off the stage, reconsider whether or not any of it made good sense, or any sense at all.

    Whining about your many needs is insulting, morbid, and more than a bit disturbing.

    Posted on July 22, 2014 - 01:10 PM #
  2. Andy_brown

    "Take that all away...not much for me to take in."

    That's not because there isn't something there to broaden your thinking but rather it's a reflection of how narrow your thought process is. You suffer from the irregularities that apply to the right wing zealotry in general, that is you can't see outside the box and the box for you is very tiny. You rail about "profanities" but do you really know all the meanings of the word? I think not. If there was a profanatometer and we measure the right wing insanity that you champion here, it would require a much larger scale than the few obscenities (only one meaning of the word "profane") that occasionally pop up out of frustration for the limited thinking that you right wingers exhibit all the time. Like the Mega scale for your crap and the Micro scale for what you are referring to. In fact, many of the words you think are obscene are not and therefor not profane. But the right wing attitude toward many of the subjects we have been discussing here for years could easily qualify for profane status even though they might not contain profanities. Tell us all, in this thread, what you consider "profane" and I will gladly excerpt the right wing mantras you right wingers have posted that I consider profane and we'll put it to a vote.

    I didn't think so. That's because right wing zealots are shallow and of narrow thought. Exactly what I wrote earlier:

    Your hypocrisy lies in what you believe your rights are. You believe that your rights include the right to dictate to others how to live their lives, and to legislate to achieve this, and to elevate yourself above everyone else, while marginalizing those that you particularly hate. You don’t realise that rights are a two way street, and that while you have rights that cannot be taken away, other people also have rights that you cannot take away.

    You, Broadway, are not the arbiter or judge of what is profane. Although you wish we lived in a prissy society and should conduct a prissy discussion forum, this is not church. It never will be. There is respect only for those that earn it and for the others, they will receive the comments that they deserve.

    Posted on July 22, 2014 - 02:29 PM #