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  1. missing_kskd

    I have no idea.

    Really, those people either need to go, or party members need to organize and help. Both maybe.

    We've done this for a few cycles now.

    Two different beats. Dems are doing OK on major elections, not OK on minor ones. For the last year, and you can see that in the archives here, the Obama bashing was non-stop. To me, that means bringing up fear and "the enemy", which along with some winners like personhood to get out the vote, does get out the vote.

    Yeah, I saw the ballot measures too.

    Raising minimum wage was big!

    You are quite right about there being no center. If there is one, it's good for a few percentage of people. For Dems, it's about turnout, and if the basic populism isn't there, the voters won't be either.

    There are a couple of efforts about to start, and they are aimed at reinforcing Democrats running as Democrats. Since we have to live with money in politics, maybe that kind of thing can get some traction.

    But it's obvious the cycle isn't broken. Until it is, we get little bits of things done, some regression, sometimes a lot, then some more things done, etc... It's not enough to carry people through.

    And you are probably right about the complexities, but the basic message not being there, people actually running away from a perfectly fine President, who got some real good done, really hurt. Of course, those clowns are gone now too.

    Posted on November 8, 2014 - 03:53 AM #
  2. kennewickman

    Another aspect or two.. I would like to point out.. ...these actually should please some Dems..or at least the moderate Dems ( I cant speak for the far left )

    Because the GOP has gained something like 14 seats in the next session of the House..and BTW the gains were made electing mostly 'MODERATE Republicans " NOT TEA PARTY people..( note the election of Dan Newhouse over Clint Didier in the WA state 4th congressional district , an existing GOP held seat by retiring Doc Hastings ) ..the seat remaining in the moderate category..Speaker Boehner will NOT HAVE TO BOW to the Tea Partiers as much , if at all, to write and pass legislation in the House..

    This has been a big problem for Boehner...getting by the Tea Party's bizzare demands writing the legislation or even passing it at the majority is larger and filled with moderates..the process should be much easier to pass reasonable legislation .

    Another thing, Hillary Clinton will have a much easier time running in 2016 against Republican leadership than defending Harry Reid ! Believe me , she's gottah like it better..

    Posted on November 8, 2014 - 11:22 AM #
  3. NoParty

    KM brings up a good point----> BTW the gains were made electing mostly 'MODERATE Republicans " NOT TEA PARTY people..

    Maybe the people are actually starting to listen? I mean the fringe extreme rightists didn't gain squat this time... YES!!!!!!

    I (Trixter) for one don't care for Harry Reid. Like Bohner and Paul I think they're just too far to the right and left of their party.

    Posted on November 8, 2014 - 12:21 PM #