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Clear Channel Unveils 'iHeartRadio Talk'

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  1. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    This from All Access:

    -----------------------------------Clear Channel Unveils 'iHeartRadio Talk'-----------------------------------

    CLEAR CHANNEL MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT is unveiling “iHEARTRADIO TALK," a new service including customizable spoken-word-content streaming as well as partnering with SPREAKER to allow users to record their own content for possible inclusion among the offerings in the official channel library.

    The service is being launched in beta form on the web TODAY and will be fully functional on the iOS and Android apps in SEPTEMBER, and will include a customizable "Daily Pulse" channel with news and culture highlights.

    “Talk radio listeners are some of the most dedicated and engaged listeners in the world, and now with iHEARTRADIO TALK, we are giving those listeners access to their favorite talk content anywhere they are,” said President of Digital BRIAN LAKAMP. “Plus, for the first time ever, listeners who have been accepted into the iHEARTRADIO TALK library will be able to record and instantly share their perspective on any topic they choose – it’s basically like offering ‘audio Twitter.’ We are giving a voice to the everyman, and at the same time are enabling iHEARTRADIO users to discover and enjoy thousands of ‘audiosodes’ from the best talent around the country – something only CLEAR CHANNEL is able to offer.”

    “We’re excited that millions of ABC TV viewers will have the opportunity through iHEARTRADIO to keep connected to their favorite ABC programs and personalities,” said STEVE JONES, Vice President and General Manager of ABC RADIO. “From ABC NEWS segments to exclusive content from ‘GMA’, ‘JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE’ and ‘THE VIEW,’ iHEARTRADIO extends the digital reach of ABC so that whether you’re on your couch or in your car, your favorite ABC audio content always is at your fingertips.”

    "iHEARTRADIO TALK not only opens up non-music content to the digital consumers at a scale that only CLEAR CHANNEL MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT can deliver, but it also opens up a powerful new advertising platform on digital for those advertisers who understand the power of talk, information and news," said CCM+E Chairman and CEO JOHN HOGAN. "We look forward to applying the creativity of our advertising partners to this new untapped digital content and platform."


    Posted on July 24, 2013 - 09:51 PM #
  2. missing_kskd


    There is this: "When users submit audiosodes for consideration, they’re first run through an editorial team to ensure high quality content. While iHeartRadio certainly doesn’t want to censor anyone, it’s a tough line to walk when there are plenty of people who will poop out possibly offensive, or simply worthless, content to the platform."

    From the Tech Crunch article:

    So, it's clean talk programming, not podcasts. IMHO, that's a notable difference, and one that won't compete well with me personally. I wonder what editorial means beyond mere broadcast compliance? (profanity)

    To be perfectly honest, a lot of the political podcasting going on is pretty great, and they range all over the map. Lefties were very early adopters on this, leading most everybody by more than a few years. Other political segments have been coming on line.

    Those podcasts are often frank, hilarious, and highly entertaining because there isn't some traditional editorial pressure being applied. Most podcasters say what they are going to do and the successful ones do what they say consistently, whatever that may be.

    This: audiosodes

    Yeah, somebody wants to own some IP. Whatever. Can't blame 'em for trying, but the truth is serial audio programs have been around for a long time, and really this is a delivery system innovation, not necessarily one that warrants a brand new term for what we know today. Then again, "podcast" may well be encumbered for this effort. Meh. I'll continue to refer to these things in the generalized way, podcasts.

    I do question the "scale" comment. Existing platforms, such as iTunes have as much scale as needed to satisfy audiences looking to obtain programs. This isn't easy on a Droid, Blackberry, but it's sweet on iPhone. Most programs offer iTunes, Stitcher Radio etc... and direct download options that are easy.

    If they mean "scale" in terms of diversity of content, I think that's a stretch. Scale in terms of volume? Maybe, if it takes off. Scale in terms of number of outlets? Ahh... see below.

    Now, what I do find quite interesting is that same editorial filter can and absolutely will "sink" content for traditional broadcast! If Clear Channel isn't considering this, I bet they will be in say... not very long!

    Right now there are a lot of sticks out there airing the same crap on different days and times. If they do receive material that can expand the potential content offerings, it seems a no brainer to start to populate the AM dial, some of the FM dial, and perhaps we will get that "Wild West" I've been kind of hoping for.

    Intriguing and something to watch.

    Wonder how those who generate notable content will be compensated? I'm off to look at the T's and C's just for kicks.

    For what it's worth, this idea minus the radio centric platform has been out and about for a while. I was doing shows on TalkShoe almost 10 years ago now? Great fun, and that platform allowed for both live shows, with basic production capabilities, chats among participants, "hand raising" and other features that made for a nice program with few hassles. Recorded shows were put up for download after the fact.

    So that leads me to wonder... Can this thing eventually do a live program? If not, that's the next thing CC needs to be thinking about now. I think that would be compelling, and if it were packaged up with some basic infrastructure for doing a live show, highly attractive.

    As it stands right now, I think it's a great addition to the wide variety of ways people can begin to get an audience. Nice work!

    I'm a current user of I Heart Radio. Mostly use it to stream a few KPOJ shows. Since I turned the real radio off, but for NPR, all else is podcast, some subscription, some not.

    And that leads me to the last bit. Wonder whether or not CC will build out subscription infrastructure. They should. Margin there for them, and that's a compelling feature for people looking to produce content. Subscription podcasts are very high value. Trendy. Hope for CC and the people who publish to this that they get it right.

    Posted on July 24, 2013 - 10:49 PM #
  3. missing_kskd

    Your existing I HEART password works on the new service.

    Took a quick look, and right now in politics it's a nice selection of major players, and a few minor ones too. Reasonable start.

    I just updated my Droid app. Well, they've got an ad taking up a lot of the screen. Less usable now, unless you've got a tablet.

    But, I just snagged "The Best Of The Left Podcast" and guess what? No profanity filter. Nice job guys! I'll be using this, and I'll use it right now for these reasons:

    1. Hit the website to pick shows, make station, and it's there on the phone ready. If on a tablet, this makes sense to do on the device. I need to poke around on the phone a little. The older interface was dead simple. This one with the AD block there isn't so much, but maybe that's me.

    2. It appears one gets the show of the day or time period when you want it, no need to sync up to the broadcast.

    3. Reasonable selection of programs, less syncing / management of downloads. I'm going to mention this service to a few podcasters.

    4. Just got through a segment, and it appears to be AD free. The bumper music just runs through where the producer would normally drop a block of ADS. Not sure about other shows, but it was for this one. Nice!

    Posted on July 24, 2013 - 11:06 PM #
  4. powerslacker

    The irony of CC using the phrase "I heart radio" makes me laugh every single time.

    Posted on July 25, 2013 - 09:09 AM #