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  1. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    On December 12, 1924 Bob McAnulty was born in Oregon City. In 1965 Oregonian columnist, Charlie Hanna described the disc jockey: "He was hep when it was hip to be hep. And he says things like "groovy and 'swingin'," so out they're in again. He is I suppose, a man the current self-styled "in" group would describe with reverence and some awe as "Camp." At 41 McAnulty is neither very old nor very dated. He is just enough of both to be favored."

    Bob McAnulty began his radio career in 1947 on KWJJ's "Make Believe Ballroom." He also did sports play-by-play announcing on KGON in 1950, as well as on KWJJ's "Record Party" from the Fox Furniture Co. window in 1951. "The Bob McAnulty Show" was heard afternoons in 1952 on JJ with many remote broadcasts.

    In 1953 Bob did a sustaining gag with his contest "The Egg and You." For nearly a month, McAnulty ostensibly sat on an egg while on remote broadcast locations, inviting his listeners to guess the date a chick would be hatched. Other gags followed. Also in 1953 the Jeffersonian's poll found Bob McAnulty as Portland's most popular disc jockey. Over half the votes went his way. In 1955 he was heard on KWJJ's "Coffee Time with Admiral, Starring Bob McAnulty."

    On July 5, 1955 McAnulty joined KGW doing two air shifts 9:30 to 10:30am & 3:45 to 5:45pm daily and plenty remote broadcasts. The 1955 disc jockey popularity poll from Oregon State College said Bob McAnulty was number one. In July 1957 KGW was fully acquired by King Broadcasting and adjusted it's format with McAnulty out.

    He moved to KLIQ mornings in August 1957. In 1958 Bob moved to KVAN until they switched to KISN in 1959 and was shown the door with the entire air staff. He returned to KLIQ becoming Asst. Manager and doing mornings again. Became KLIQ Program Director in 1960. In April 1963 Bob began a Saturday night contemporary Jazz program on KWJJ. He returned to KLIQ in October 1963 dong the same program on Saturday afternoons.

    In 1966 McAnulty became KLIQ News Director. In January 1967 Bob joined KPAM/KPFM switching to KLIQ-FM in March 1968 doing a Sunday night talk show, moving to weeknights in September. His last music program was in the Summer of 1969 on KLIQ-FM -- a midnight to 4am Jazz program.

    On the Television side, Bob McAnulty was the announcer on KPTV's "Heidelberg Wrestling" beginning on July 10, 1953. The program moved to KOIN-TV as "Portland Wrestling" July 15, 1955. McAnulty continued on the telecasts for 13 years. On October 3, 1953 Bob became a regular on KPTV's new live local panel quiz show "Treasure Hunt", co-starring Tom McCall from KGW & Bob McCarl from KXL. Bob was also a regular on Portland's first TV DJ program, KPTV's "Mac's Music Go Round" beginning in April 1954. On October 28, 1955 Bob was a regular on KPTV's "Stump The Deejays" program. Most of Portland 's popular DJ's appeared on this program.

    On July 6, 1972 Bob McAnulty was involved in a bad traffic accident on I-5 at about the Morrison Bridge. He was a passenger in a car. The vehicle attempted to cut in front of a truck to reach an off-ramp and was struck, sending Bob to the hospital. On July 14, 1972 Bob McAnulty died at age 47 at Good Samaritan Hospital. He had been a resident of Beaverton. On July 28, 1972 the State Medical Investigator announced Bob McAnulty died from heart disease, not as a direct result of injuries received in the auto accident.

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  2. Stoneman

    Bob was the reason I got into the biz. I shagged records and tapes for him on the hill at KPFM and KLIQ at the park. He was a fantastic disc jockey and loved by everyone, listeners and the crews that worked with him.

    Posted on December 12, 2013 - 08:02 PM #
  3. Dan_Packard

    Wish there was an aircheck to hear of this hep cat.

    Posted on December 13, 2013 - 06:53 AM #
  4. msndrspdx

    Some kinescope footage of him doing "Portland Wrestling," I think, still exists in the vaults at KOIN and KPTV. Someone should go in there and find some. No one's done a video history of PW yet. I know there's one on the late Dutch Savage that's floating around, but not PW itself.

    Best, Mike 8)

    Posted on December 13, 2013 - 09:15 AM #
  5. RobinMitchell

    Mr. Packard,

    I have to reset a password every time I want to you don't hear from me in the wilds of Montana.

    Regarding you comment...a desire to hear an aircheck of the "hep cat"...Bob's a project for you.

    A decade ago, PAT PATTEE told me he recording McAnulty, Barney Keep, Sammy Taylor...and many other legends on a WIRE RECORDER. And yes...Pattee still has the rolls of wire, and the original recorder. It probably needs some technical work....but PATTEE needs to be encouraged to work with somebody....yourself....or CRAIG ADAMS. I'd earnestly believe it needs to be archived and made available for PDXRADIO FANS!!!

    Robin Mitchell

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  6. semoochie

    I miss your site, Robin!

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