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Andrea Tantaros Leaves, Sues TRN

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  1. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    This from All Access:

    --------------------------------------------Andrea Tantaros Leaves, Sues TRN--------------------------------------------

    TRN syndicated morning host -- and host of FOX NEWS’ “The Five” -- ANDREA TANTAROS has sued TALK RADIO NETWORK for fraud and breach of contract, THE WRAP reports. YESTERDAY, she sent a letter to TRN terminating her agreement.

    In the suit, TANTAROS alleged that TRN Pres./CEO MARK MASTERS made several false statements to recruit her for a radio show, promising to invest millions of dollars into promoting TANTAROS’ new show to the approximately 300 local stations with which it had syndication deals. She later found that "TRN had sued one of its biggest syndicators (which TRN itself claimed in its lawsuit controlled 95% of advertising revenues for syndicated radio talk shows) several months earlier, which she said was not disclosed to her."

    What's more, TRN had "laid off most of its staff and many others simultaneously ‘resigned’ from their positions, including, and critically, most of Defendant TRN’s sales team." The laid-off staffers who worked on TANTAROS’ show were replaced by members of MARK MASTERS’ family.

    The suit continued: "Plaintiff TANTAROS found herself in a situation wherein she no longer had a competent executive producer, a full-time call screener, a paid assistant, or a sound effects manager, and further, had either no guests or only decidedly ‘C-list’ quality guests, was provided with no research for the third-rate guests that were booked for the TANTAROS Show, a lack of sufficient research for the topics at hand, provided with no editorial guidance, and she was expected by Defendant TRN to basically produce her own show.

    “In addition, there no longer was any meaningful sales force to sell her program to advertisers or potential advertisers and there was no affiliate relations staff at Defendant TRN to service the needs or the requests of the TANTAROS Show’s affiliates.”

    TRN CEO MARK MASTERS is preparing a response ... stay tuned.

    Andrea Tantaros is heard locally on "Freedom 970" KUFO 5am to 9am weekday mornings.

    Posted on October 10, 2013 - 08:09 PM #
  2. Broadway

    TRN is toast...

    Posted on October 10, 2013 - 08:31 PM #
  3. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    This from All Access:

    -----------------------Andrea Tantaros' Lawsuit Draws Response From TRN's Mark Masters-----------------------

    In the wake of the lawsuit filed by syndicated morning host and FOX NEWS CHANNEL "THE FIVE" co-host ANDREA TANTAROS against her radio syndicator TALK RADIO NETWORK (NET NEWS 10/10) for fraud and breach of contract, TRN Pres./CEO MARK MASTERS has responded with a statement suggesting that a "third party" is misleading TANTAROS but praising her abilities and hoping for a resolution to the dispute.

    The statement reads, “Our relationship with ANDREA has been wonderful. She is a brilliant host and a talented person. Until very recently, we had an excellent relationship with her.

    "We are now concerned that a third party is misleading her to their own direct benefit. This is not an uncommon problem when the host of a successful syndicated radio show has achieved such early success in our industry.

    "In any event, we look forward to the prompt resolution of the matter in our favor, and to moving forward on a positive and mutually rewarding basis with ANDREA for many years to come.

    "In the approximately nine months that ANDREA has been in syndication with TRN ENTERTAINMENT, the combination of our investment of our radio expertise, training, coaching, support, promotion, affiliate relations, time, effort and substantial dollars into the development of the show and of ANDREA as a radio personality, combined with ANDREA’s growth as a radio personality, has built the show from start-up status to the seventh-largest Talk radio show in the TALKERS’ rankings, and has landed ANDREA on the cover of the OCTOBER Talk radio issue of RADIO INK. To our knowledge, this has never been done before. It is a testament to the mutually successful collaboration between ANDREA and our team.

    "Regardless of this temporary intrigue, there is no legal basis for ANDREA to terminate our contract (to the benefit of a predatory competitor), and we will require, and fully expect, her to abide by its terms. Contrary to certain reports we have heard, we are in full compliance with our obligations under the contract, and are prepared to enforce our rights.”

    TANTAROS is alleging that MASTERS made false statements to induce her into signing with TRN and promised to invest millions of dollars into promoting the show, but did not disclose that TRN was suing DIAL GLOBAL and then laid off most of the staff, including TANTAROS' show support staff and most of the sales team, and reduced the show to getting "C-list" guests and no editorial guidance or production help.

    Posted on October 11, 2013 - 07:47 PM #
  4. Czarcasm

    It was commie infiltrators!

    Posted on October 12, 2013 - 08:26 AM #
  5. Craig_Adams
    Radio historian

    This from All Access:

    ----------------------------------TRN Publicly Replies -- Again -- To Tantaros Suit----------------------------------

    The ANDREA TANTAROS lawsuit against TALK RADIO NETWORK has drawn yet another response from the syndicator, which sent out another statement issued by CEO MARK MASTERS forwarding an email from the company's RON SEVARAID continuing to blame unnamed third parties for prompting TANTAROS' suit and attempting to spirit the show away from TRN.

    The statement starts with the allegation that "It is a testament to the quality of ANDREA's performance, and to TRN ENTERTAINMENT's investment, efforts and expertise, that a competitor could offer her and her advisers a 'big enough payday' if she could be convinced to try to break her contract with us - which she cannot do. Though we continue to believe that ANDREA is a victim of those who would offer her enough money to take extreme actions, we are saddened for her and our entire team as a result of her falling to this temptation."

    Going on to suggest that TANTAROS' advisers should have called to ask if TRN would be willing to sell the show to a competitor, the statement credited to SEVARAID again blames "certain unethical competitors who would seek to harm us and falsely induce ANDREA to harm us as a method of trying to 'cut us out; of any sale of the contract for her radio host services." The statement calls TANTAROS' suit "a smokescreen for non- public attempts to steal our investment under the guise of a contract dispute. Therefore, we need to make the following extremely clear - ANDREA cannot unilaterally break her contract, and we are in full compliance with the agreement. Any statements to the contrary from her attorneys or anyone else are just bluster to attempt to hide the 'payday' strategy."

    The statement claims that TRN is current on its payment obligations to TANTAROS, whose suit says she was not paid on time, and that it responded to TANTAROS' letter claiming breach in a timely manner, invalidating TANTAROS' subsequent termination notice.

    MASTERS and SEVARAID's statement threatens the third parties, who he said "inluenced (TANTAROS) and put her into this embarrassing position," that TRN will "pursue them for their greed and other malevolent motives, so that this will be a cautionary tale, not to be repeated," insisting that "We also like a good fight when it is for the right reasons, and this is for all of the right reasons. We are not vindictive, but we do look forward to catching the rats and finishing what they started."

    Posted on October 14, 2013 - 06:25 AM #